Page 130 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 130

provide all the senses to him; with our exquisitely developed powers of cognition and cognitive perception we lend him with our capacity to question and understand, to reflect. It is because we and not God are Homosapiens, the creatures that do know and know that they know. This is the reason why God cannot do anything on his own and he has to depend on the humans to express him. This is an interdependency that is absolute and neither the human nor the God can manage without each other.
If God is having no mind, obviously he can have no will. Then what does it mean when we say that our will must be in consonance with the will of God? God is pure and simple consciousness and its main characteristic is to remain balanced and be equanimous or as we understand being a Samavarthi. He is by himself nothing and is totally ignorant. When we move towards the Centre and dwell in that region it is Ignorance that reigns and knowledge per se is not there. This is also the condition of Sahaj Samadhi where every action is automatic and there is no premeditated will that

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