Page 131 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 131

works. In the case of human beings perfect Sahaj Samadhi may be a far off thing but in the case of God that is his natural and permanent condition. This Balancedness carries along with it the criteria of Rtam or order. There is an inviolable order in the entire realm of the Divine which includes everything. This is also the nature of Nature and that is why we many times use it as a synonym with that of God. Balance is the condition of Nature and to be in that condition is the call of the Commandment 4 of the Master.
As human beings we are evolving towards our immanent and transcendental Perfection. We are aspiring towards the infinite while being in the finite. Right now, we feel that this is God‘s creation, but we think that God has His own separate existence. But this feeling is wrong. Just as the soul is inside our body, God is inside His creation. Otherwise the creation cannot exist. When the soul leaves the body, we will die. Similarly, if God left the creation, the creation would also come to an end.

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