Page 19 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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(Pind) but also desecrated the inner world of the Psyche (Brahmand). As we awaken to the new consciousness that is being offered we will have to accept responsibility for our actions and neglect.
Superior states of Consciousness always come at a price. When the inner and outer unite within our consciousness and our lives, something new arises which I consider is the child of the future. A new breed of human beings belonging to the Sri Ramchandra Consciousness gets born and they shall make this world a paradise where cohesion and unity is the way of living. This I have fondly and in a traditional language of our Land called the birth of a new Gotra of Sri Ramchandra. Humanity which seems to have forgotten the fact that this world belongs to God (Isa vasyam idam sarvam) will not only acknowledge the same but more importantly it will remember that human being is essentially a living spiritual being whose roots are above even as Lord Krishna asserted in the Gita.
Esoteric knowledge knows about different levels of consciousness within the human being and

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