Page 21 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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might be too destructive. They work keeping watch over the world and for the world and they work primarily in the inner planes, veiled, hidden, so that they can continue their work undisturbed.
The work of the spiritual awakening of the world though planned and executed by the masters, they also require the participation of individual consciousness. The masters in order to do this work consider it important that human consciousness take responsibility for and participate in this next stage of global evolution. As a rule Nature never thrusts any thing on any being but allows each to grow and transform at its own pace; this is due to the divine origin of all that exists and therefore sacred and highly revered and respected.
The individuals who follow the Natural Path are connected to the masters in a spiritual way and every sincere and devoted sadhaka is partaking in the divine work of transformation and change that is taking place. Many times due to their inquisitiveness to know what work is being done through them, they lose the opportunity to be useful to the masters and

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