Page 20 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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developed practices to help us evolve and awaken to ―higher‖ levels. The Path of Grace is a totally new path meant for the New Era. Through this path one moves from the lower planes of consciousness to the higher systematically and with ease under the guidance of the adepts in the field of spirituality. The main aim and purpose of teachings in the path is the awakening to the plane of consciousness where a direct awareness of oneness, love, harmony and balance is achieved through meaningful spiritual practices.
In Reality the world functions as a living spiritual being. This knowledge is not available to all as it belongs to the spiritual hierarchy, the masters of wisdom better called friends of God. Since the Advent of the Special Personality the old system is changed and a new system of hierarchy called Vasus, Dhruvas, Dhruvadhipati, Parishad and Maha Parishad started as is mentioned in the book  ̳Reality at Dawn‘ by our beloved Master Babuji Maharaj. It is their work to look after the spiritual well-being of the world, aligning it with forces that can help in its evolution and protect it from negative forces that

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