Page 22 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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thus get bypassed for ages to come. This is the price that persons who try to utilise their intellect in realms where it is totally useless have to pay. We know that the spiritual transformation of the individual which needs a major shift in consciousness requires grace or energy from a level that cannot be directly accessed from the consciousness that prevails in the region marked ―L‖ in the heart in our Masters works. The spiritual journey of the individual through various stages is possible only with the influx of Pranahuti (spiritual transmission) given from teacher to disciple.
On the global level or Brahmand level the masters have access to the energy that is needed for the world‘s awakening and their work is to bring it into the world. The network of spiritual blessing (which we call our centres of the Institute) that is created around the world helps in this process and it obviously needs the participation of sincere and devoted individuals, who are receptive to this act of spiritual service. The new Era demands that the human beings take complete responsibility for the planet Earth and humanity is required to directly

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