Page 244 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 244

So that is the ground (work sphere) where we can explore who we are and where we can explore Jeevan mukta condition. When business is dominated by the old paradigm, it is about trying to get something. It is always an acute awareness of LACK. In the unenlightened condition everything is about lack. So the old mind, the hypnotized mind, is convinced there is something missing, there is a problem, and fixates on how to fulfil that lack. Consequently business becomes about profit. And that is what is called the bottom line. The bottom line of business is how to make more profit.
Till recently it is profit that is the concern of any business. Now the shift is towards the people who are to be served- though cynically I may add what ever it might mean. Profit is not given up but people are now the focus in business. The second change that is clearly observable is the focus on the planet THE MOTHER EARTH. The business world now tries to dedicate itself to leaving the planet a healthier environment than the one it was. So the business gives more to the planet than it takes. For

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