Page 245 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 245

WE ARE and WE are NOT as also WE are NOT and WE ARE
example, re-planting trees would be a translucent practice. Another example would be business in the Oil industry now is motivated to find sustainable alternatives to oil. And they are on their way to that, they are working a lot with solar panels, with fuel cells. They are exploring all kinds of clean alternatives to oil. Industries we find are thus trying to become translucent. The third change is in the way profit is looked at. No business can run without making money. But if a business only dedicates itself to profit and nothing else, which many corporations do, we have missed the point of being alive. Another dimension we observe in work sphere that is developing, is that it is not just peopleā€˜s physical, vital and mental interests and aspiration that are sought to be addressed to. Sincere attempts are being made to attend to the spiritual aspirations of the humans. The work force is now recognised as not substitutes for machines but aspiring human individuals with a collective consciousness. It is not as though this concept of the human psyche is new totally. In every religion there is a spectrum of which one end is fundamentalism and the other this

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