Page 247 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 247

WE ARE and WE are NOT as also WE are NOT and WE ARE
product which has been exclusively designed to meet the personal requirements.
Our economic structure at present favours tremendous disparity and this will change. We are aware that in the part of the world called third world things are being manufactured for wages that are perhaps only 10% of the cost at which they are being sold in the so called first world. This is total exploitation that is now a practice under various terms and words. This kind of economic system might well collapse with in the next decade. This is because its support is the old kind of mind. If one is concerned about maintaining the value of ones‘ stock market portfolio or if one is concerned about maintaining the job under any circumstances, one can continue to buy stuff, and things might get very unstable very early. But if we look at the number of people experiencing their lives as blessing, experiencing this moment as alive, as free and if we notice people dedicating their lives to tremendous service and creativity: then there is a lot of good news. Master states that ―There is spiritual

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