Page 60 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 60

hierarchy of needs namely survival. We have many merits and many more demerits too and there is no way by which we can escape from them. Our personality, disposition, and reputation follow us wherever we go and if we want to have any significant progress in spiritual life there is absolute need to comply with the commandment 9 which from my point of view cannot be read and implemented without the first 8 commandments.
Many of us pretend to know something about which we have the least knowledge through experience / imperience. This is nothing but the play of the Ego and we try to hide our ignorance which is felt by us as very undesirable. If this is understood we have understood the value of truth. Truth moves us toward our goals; denial of the same moves us away. Denial is self-imposed deception, convenient cover. But that is short lived for after all Truth finally triumphs. Self-delusion can grip an entire organization irrespective of its nature being spiritual, religious, business etc., and lead the people in it to ridiculous conclusions. Denying truth or reality, for

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