Page 61 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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any reason, leads only to stress and frustration and takes us away from our goals.
We need to know ourselves through critical analysis of our status in the context of our progress in spirituality. I always suggest aspirants to evaluate themselves against the Ten Commandments. Further it would be wiser to meet a trainer and take periodical assessment in the path of Grace. That is the way by which we will know our true nature as it exists in the present. We will then not be cheating ourselves about our progress in spiritual life. Honesty is the best policy as lies and deceptions corrupt the soul. We do not like to be lied to by others. We then feel very upset. Then, why do we so often lie to ourselves? We lie the loudest when we lie to ourselves. How many years of self-denial will it take before we accept the truth as it is! Infinity is the time limit for waiting when we do not have a guide like our Master.
Success in sadhana demands that we have an honest relationship with ourselves and with Master/God. We should learn to refuse to make 50

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