Page 62 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 62

excuses as they are nothing more than lame attempts to corrupt and submerge the truth; their aim is to prevent truth from exposing our pardonable and unpardonable mistakes before the Master during prayers and other submissions. Truth can be inconvenient, especially for those that deny it. We tend to reject that which is not easy to digest, and truth is always a bitter pill. For the most part, people do not want to accept the painful truths. It seems easier to them to ignore the facts even if they succeed only in delaying the inevitable. The attraction to lie which is the same as attraction to Ego needs to be cleansed out of our psyche. This is the toughest part in practicing prayer.
The aspirant who desires to achieve excellence and personal mastery must develop the habit of examining the premises and beliefs on a regular basis so that the risk of dining on delusions is avoided. When truth about our condition is harsh for us to accept as it happens often the exit ramp of denial looks appealing. I have experience of many aspirants not accepting the evaluation of their

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