Page 69 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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interests, attitudes and predilections. Because of certain traditional notions of realisation we tend to think the higher states are made available to us for our sake. Realisation in the traditional sense meant only going beyond pind desh and even the best of the saints like Kabir did not go beyond the 16th circle in our path during his life time according to our Master. That the Central region is available for entering into by us should make us understand how much the Divine and the Master are expecting us to do. The trust that is reposed by Master and the Divine on human being is enormous. I am very sure that most of us are committed to the cause of the Master and this tribe shall increase in number as days pass by.
It is Divine decree that there will be always some persons who have strived hard and earned the trust of God. I am not talking about the Master: but among the aspirants here and elsewhere there are some who have earned the trust of God. It is they who foment the Divine grace for the commons. They move about in the world as if they were part of it, yet inside, their hearts and souls are in the Divine

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