Page 71 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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in consciousness. Theoretically many saints and all religions taught this prayer on certain special occasions. But it is the Master who made this prayer a daily feature of our sadhana. Some of us who practice this prayer keeping our focus on the point A have felt distinct advantage in our advancement in spiritual life. This I am sure is the experience of my associates also.
Each night before going to bed we pray to Master repenting for our lapses and seek forgiving our mistakes and lapses and sins too. Many feel that there is nothing for them to feel repentant about and there is always a question of praying for lapses not felt. Others write to me that they do not get into sobbing mood and there is nothing to cry for. True it might be from their individual separatist point of view. If we feel that we are part of the humanity at large and an integral part at that, we cannot but feel for the various crimes, atrocities, wars and violence and feel repentant for belonging to that group of creation called humanity. The claim that human beings are rational is now getting questioned in the little conscience that is left, very badly when we

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