Page 72 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
P. 72

visualize our state of living: insanity is reigning everywhere. It is prayer and prayer alone that can be the key to get out of this mess of violence and porn into which all of us are being dragged by the asuric forces.
It is a well-researched fact that the more we focus on the ills of the world and the more our attention is drawn to the drama of silly characters amid our fellow human beings, the more vulnerable we become to the serious side-effects of news and commentary that places greater emphasis on the worst of human faults. It is a deplorable fact that the information we view or hear on major network TVs, radios and monitored publications are slanted, censored and minimized to the point of being misleading and purposely misinforming. I have seen many sensible persons unwilling to watch TV, or listen to the radio or read newspapers. One can surely make sensible choices being selective about what they view and listen to.
I do not like to dwell on things that are well known to you but only stress that if we were to live

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