Page 70 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 5
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Presence. Their hearts are mellowed by the presence of the Master and their compassion and love for humanity increases as they serve more and more. If they do not use the power in the heart fruitfully for the benefit of other aspirants they develop what Master called  ̳power grossness‘. If they pray to Master for the spiritual good of humanity in general or any individual in particular their request is accepted. They are the associates of the Master and their assistance to the mankind is always with the eye of mercy and compassion to those less fortunate than themselves.
The great Master wanted all his associates blessed as they are by keeping Him in their hearts by the grace of the Master, to pray for the good of humanity. This you know is the very basis of our 9 P.M. Prayer. I had on an earlier occasion said this can be considered as our Yajna. For performing Yajna there are certain qualifications required. But for this noblest Yajna that we do every day there is no qualification requirement. There is no need to have the sacred thread for this. It is here that we find the  ̳practicals‘ for the possibility of higher evolution

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