Page 203 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 203

human transformation. The impulse that we carry is enough for us, for our family, and for our spiritual brothers and sisters who are crying for help. This is the confidence and courage we shall have when we pray at 9 P.M. for the good of humanity. Even as Dr.K.C.V. puts it “ It is necessary to condition the consciousness of the individuals all through the world by a systematic, consistent, and uniform method of substitution of universal ends in place of the narrow parochial and patriotic motives must be conceded if life should evolve to a better order and plane.” (Reference: vol x - pg 514) All our practices are meant for this purpose only. Such a state of mind cannot be achieved unless we purify our hearts and souls.
Many aspirants have reported that after taking a sitting from their trainer or other trainers they feel lot of energy and power poured into their hearts and the Pranahuti was very intense and engulfing. It is my understanding that more the trainers work on others the more they are centred on the Master and therefore better facilitator of Pranahuti energy. The cleaning sittings we have from the trainers cannot be treated as a substitute for ones’ own prescribed spiritual practice. The sittings had from the trainer will enable one to do

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