Page 202 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 202

spiritual capabilities. There is absolute necessity to reduce the time to be spent on the spiritual practice and the system of our Master is the best we have today to offer humanity.
It is very clear for anyone who pauses and reflects on the conditions of our living, that humanity is crying out for inner fulfilment, for awakening. Simultaneously, the paradigm war of "love vs. fear" is being fought in people's minds and hearts with a greater intensity than ever before in the history of our civilization, We find it is absolutely necessary to have massive amounts of love and divine wisdom to descend from above as in the case of our imperience of Pranahuti and this should spread throughout the world. The time is now for each of us to increase our spiritual bandwidth and the size of our spiritual containers that is our hearts.
During our meditations we dive deep into our hearts and access the divine impulse to the extent our vessel or heart permits. Such a tapping into our divine self is, of course, always good. But we need to improve our access to the divine self more and more. With the love of our Master backing us all the time we can access ever-increasing amounts of love, energy and wisdom more quickly and easily than ever before, if we are oriented to the task of

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