Page 200 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 200

and in a way, give up on ourselves and say O! Master help me!
We should be clear in our determination that change is possible and we shall attain the desired condition soon. The change is possible with the tools provided by the system of Rajayoga that we are practicing. We can work to create a fresh start, to change our circular path into an upward spiral towards new experiences, instead of repeating old patterns. The path is not easy, but it is true and real and worth the effort. But even as our Master has stressed determination is required. We should like Spartans attempt the goal with courage and confidence. It is necessary that when we practice the path we should have no doubts about the methods given to us. We should not try to approach the problem as a trial and error attempt. We should have the courage to say "I want this, and I am willing to work for it."
We do have imperiences of Ground, Void, Silence, Absolute, and Oneness during our meditations and during congregations like the Birthday celebrations of our Masters. They may be few. They may occur occasionally without any notice. They are of the very nature of our being that we are not aware of what it is most of the times. But

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