Page 223 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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between God and souls). Though we may ignore this longing when everything is going well, when life falls apart we seek answers in the spiritual.
After the independence of India lot of stress has been given to science and technology and soon everyone was getting accustomed to the newly found means and ways of becoming prosperous. Through this new found liberation and the onset of industrial proliferation the answer to the ills of the human condition were thought to be found in science. Education it was thought would bring us the answers and man would rise above his personal problems and utopia was right around the corner. Humanism grasped the imagination of a young generation and they sought to throw off the traditionalism and reject their parent’s spirituality for the ‘proven truth’ of science. But euphoria did not last long; soon the scientific generation became disillusioned, angry, and though they relished the advances of science found that it did not, could not, answer the deep cravings of their soul. Some would return to the spirituality of their parents but most sought spirituality without restraints. They wanted to be spiritual but they did not want rules. They wanted what they considered the best of both worlds. This

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