Page 228 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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vibrational frequencies that appear as the observable Universe. The higher the frequency of the vibrational energy, the greater the Power even as it is in the physical domain. The Consciousness is life itself. Anywhere there's life, there is Consciousness, whether it is the incredibly simple Consciousness of an amoeba, or the complex Consciousness of Humans. Consciousness is everywhere; it is the light with which we illumine the world- it is the light without luminosity or divine light. Compare both laws of the conservation of energy or conservation of matter; the law of the conservation of life prevails. Life itself is not capable of being destroyed, there can only be change form by shifting to a different frequency. A serious study of the ‘Game of Life’ prepared by Imperience would throw more light on this.
Satchitananda is the word for such consciousness. In fact in the path of Rev. Babuji we move farther from that level of consciousness. It is not a concept or idea to be in the consciousness of Satchitananda. It is a reality we experience often in our sadhana. But our Master leads us on to the level of void. But then that is subject to our relinquishing all other desires and cravings and seek only the end state whatever it might be. Master states that “The

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