Page 229 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 229

real state of enlightenment comes when we get into full consciousness of the condition of enlivenment and after imbibing its effect, secure merging in it. (Reference: BWS 307). This mergence happens in all the knots and in fact after moving through the various knots and mergence therein, we move through expansion and enlivenment. The realm of knots is too small compared to the realms of splendour and the movement in central region. Any attachment to anything in the sphere of manifestation is a limitation. The price may appear to be very high but that is for cowards and seekers of toys. To crave for the Real is the option that is chosen by lion hearted men. Our beloved Master said his system makes the aspirants so and let us live up to His expectation of us.

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