Page 233 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 233

Master states that “When man first assumed his physical form he brought with him the things opposed to the real nature of his being; that means both the opposites were intertwined to give it a proper shape. It appeared in the form of an outburst similar to that caused by the contact of fire and water. When supplemented by the flow of air, it went on smouldering and increased the force of the outburst. The outburst is nothing but the action of the force coming in contact with the soul, thus exhibiting a display of the elements. Reality was lost sight of. Just imagine what the reverse use of things finally resulted in. We took into account neither the cause nor the effect thereof, to trace out the origin of this degradation”5
Master says that “We have to enter a new life, a life which is behind this outer life of ours - we might just as well say that the real man exists behind this, the apparent man. Now since you want to enter upon the real life, you have to seek for the real man, the man behind the man, or the man beyond man. Such a personality, if he does exist can be traced out only by the heart's eye and can be felt in every molecule and atom of the body. Though possessing a physical body, he shall in no way be attached to it and he shall be nearest to zero. His covering shall

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