Page 232 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 232

bring glory to God. Master states that “Things come and go but what lies in between these two is our real condition. This changeless condition of ourselves is the end of all spiritual activities. Blankness is another expression for this condition. The whole system is vacuumized in the end, and man becomes a real man. It has been found difficult to define man, but when we add the word real, it defines the beauty a man should have to belong to.”3
Further he clarifies the characteristics of real man should be by answering the question “Who is man? Only he who is imbued with a sense of humanity.”4 What is this sense of humanity? Some called us rational animals. Some others called us social animals. And so on. All are agreed that we are animals, only that we are a bit different. The gregarious nature of man is different from the gregarious nature of other animals which are all governed mostly by instinct. In man this tendency led to the noble concept of camaraderie and fraternity. The human traits of sympathy and empathy are off shoots of this tendency only. ‘Tooth for tooth and claw for claw’ is animality. When Reasoning takes deep root the need for compassion and forgiving dawn in the hearts of man and he is on the road to become a real man.

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