Page 234 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 234

be the whole Universe wherein he shall have his own play. You will find him present in the sand of the desert, as well as in the waves of the ocean. You will find his presence in the light of the sun, the moon and the stars. He shall be in existence everywhere, in hell as well as in paradise. But how to trace him out is the real problem.”6 A very important corollary to this thought is all our actions thus are in his sphere. The play ground is His. Another supplementary to this is that the play also is His. That being so the feeling of being a ‘doer ‘is untenable. Once this is understood we become humble and the process of getting rid of the Ego starts.
It is an interesting twist that Master when Master in his startling statement asserts that the real man is no different from the real guide.”The real man, in the proper sense, can be he who makes a man the man that he ought to be, a thorough man in the real sense.”7Thus he merges the concept of a real man with the real Master. The real man is the real Master and the real Master is the real man. The natural path leads to such a destiny. As Master puts it “It is only when we get closely in touch with nature that we begin to breathe in the purified air coming there from. By and by we begin to acquire

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