Page 79 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 79

something that is not governed by any principle. Relationships have lost their value - social, personal, family, everything. We don’t tend to live with a feeling that we are united, we don’t feel the origin, we feel we are independent. The one word that I am yet to understand in my life. I will be too happy if somebody can help me on that. I seem to be terribly dependent upon so many things, I don’t know how people say they are independent. Some people talk that they will stand on their legs. I have never seen one standing on the head so far. What is this that is going on? What is this extreme individual appeasement psychology? You want to appease all the time yourself? Have we not come to the disgraceful condition of not sharing your own food with your children? I can tell you one wonderful example from my service. There was one gentleman, he had 14 children. His salary naturally was limited and he was a good man so he does not know what to do. So he was taking gruel along with all his children all the time all the days. No day food. But on the 1st he will get all the sweets and eat. Then I asked him ‘why are you eating here why don’t you take home?’ Then he said ‘if I take home there will be nothing for me to eat’, that is the position. That is the genuine position of the person I can pity
him but then is that not the same thing with majority 67

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