Page 101 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Story of Revered Lalaji Maharaj
should always remain away from siddhis until they reach their goal and the discipline is perfected. When the sadhak reaches his goal, all his actions automatically become miracles. He held the opinion that the great miracle of a saint was to transform an animal man into a perfect man. There is no denying of his full command over siddhis, but he never used those powers.
Sri Lalaji considered spiritual perfection to be based on three things. 1) love for the Master 2) satsangh with the Master and 3) obedience to the Master.
He was against idol worship. Though he allowed his photo to be kept by his followers, he never allowed them to worship it. Self praise was so much disliked by him that he did not allow people touch his feet in order to pay respects to him. Excess of tapa and japa was not liked by him. He considered love to be the greatest tapas. He preferred the middle way and regarded the meditation on the heart as the real sadhana. He attached great importance to prayer, but it was not

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