Page 103 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Story of Revered Lalaji Maharaj
had nothing for my meals. I had a number of children and dependents to support. Besides, at times I had to help others too, which I could not avoid. The entire responsibility was upon me alone and I had to manage all that and provide for all requirements. I may also tell you that sometimes there was only one quilt, and that too with mutilated padding, to cover the entire family. But I took it as a display of misfortune only which passed away with time. I felt that all this was absolutely of no importance to me as compared to Reality which was predominant in all my being. So I ever smiled on them thinking them to be the very way of liberation."
He always advised to cleanse our manas (mind) with practice and sadhana and then read, otherwise Reality will be lost upon you. He advised to avoid becoming a Master and serve as a servant should. He used to say that "God has hidden himself inside our hearts and exposed us. Hide yourselves and expose God!" This is the real sadhana.
Sri Lalaji had all the qualities of a truly great and perfect man being, as he is, next to God.

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