Page 51 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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The Practice of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga and its Efficacy
and devotion to the Master’. By doing this the sensual urges get reduced. It works mainly because it enables development of love. When one starts thinking that all are my brothers and sisters, and share with us whatever we have without any consideration for what we are going to get in return. We share the love and possessiveness is removed. Love demands sacrifice. We come from love to sacrifice. By maintaining the thought that each person is our brother and sister we start developing love.
The modification of Rajayoga that has been given by Rev. Babuji is this. By ignoring the points of ‘A’ and ‘B’ there is no Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga. These points are his discovery and a solution to the much-vexed problem in yoga sadhana finds finally a practical method to solve in this method. Humanity will forever be indebted to him. All glory to God to have sent such a Supreme Personality the Eternal Master Sri Ramchandraji of Shahjahanpur, U.P. India.

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