Page 59 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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The Practice of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga and its Efficacy
and that which is below in the portion L is animal consciousness. The idea that is generally had that all human beings are born with human consciousness is not correct. The majority of the human beings is born and continues to live in animal consciousness. But the possibility of living in human consciousness where service and sacrifice in our action can be expressed is the call of the Divine and this we shall endeavour to live up to. From animal consciousness to the human consciousness and further up to the limit of preliminary state of super consciousness is the minimum level every one of us have to endeavour to live up to.
Further please note that up to the Lower level in the heart all the contents of our consciousness are products of the sensory inputs. All that is knowledge is only sensory in origin. The ways of knowing that is generally accepted universally are Pratyaksha (perception), Anumana (inference) and Upamana (analogy). For all these types of knowing sensory inputs alone is the basis. There is another category of knowing that is called Sruti where we are

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