Page 61 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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The Practice of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga and its Efficacy
must be learnt. Love towards others is not a matter of knowledge; it is a matter of feeling. We love children – play with them, caress them, and pamper them. But when they do not behave well we do not mind giving a good thrashing. In all these things which appear different and even contradictory there is love that is running behind. In the realm of feeling what we see is not necessarily true. We shout at the mother, sister or wife when they do not take the medicines that is to be taken out of love. For an outsider it may appear that the person is shouting at persons whom he should respect. This is his judgement but for the person who is performing the act of shouting it is another way of loving. This language has to be learnt. We are accustomed to sensory knowledge.
All the apparatus of Antahkarana or that which helps in the formation of consciousness consists of the Buddhi, Ahankar, Manas and Chit. All these apparatus work on the input given by the senses. All the knowledge we have is sensory. The realm of super consciousness is beyond this and is

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