Page 139 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 139

that, we will not definitely fall low to the level of an animal. We know that if our thoughts are bad, it cannot be divine. We will not entertain that. We will not be behaving in the ways, which are considered as bestial, or asuric. We cease to do such things.
It is that awareness that we are trying to give by diverting the flow towards the Atma chakra. When the Atma chakra fully blooms that is the condition that comes to us and automatically we move to the higher plane. The thought that has been given in the beginning as a suggestion becomes a reality by two things, our sadhana and the constant influx of the divine force into us. Many of the people introduced are not told that they should take regular individual sittings and they should participate in the satsangs. In satsangs and individual sittings alone we have got the taste of Pranahuti. When we meditate on our own if we think that we are getting Pranahuti it is an illusion. Don't delude yourself by the vibrations. Because those vibrations are consequent to the initial introduction. Initial introduction is so powerful that it goes on. The link with the divine is permanent. That cannot be cut off. A person who has been introduced to the system

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