Page 137 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 137

nature of his self. These are all the three dynamic aspects of our system, which is done at the introductory sittings itself. Then a will that he progresses on the path is given and he is maintained at that level in the third sitting. These are all the procedures of introduction. This is how the Pranahuti or the support of the master is taken.
All the trainers are fully aware that we are not all that competent to do this task and we know that we would fail on our own. But we have got the confidence that the divine and the master is supporting us in our work. It is he who is doing the whole thing. Because when he tries to express, he has expressed me. He could not express himself. God has no form. God has no mind. He cannot do anything. He is dependant upon us totally to show his greatness. On his own he cannot do. What can void do. Void is void. God is void what can he do. Only when we know that we are expressions of God then we understand the value of life, meaning of life and then we express it well. Imperfections should not find place. We should know that it is animality that is making us imperfect. We should know that it is our sloth that is making us imperfect. We refuse to accept all these

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