Page 135 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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trainer we will feel the intensity. Though the power is the same. The power is the same, the will of the master is the same but the quality differs. Quality differs mainly because they have not established themselves at the appropriate level for that appropriate task.
In the third sitting we divert the flow towards the Atma chakra also to some extent, so that the aspirant understands the interdependency with God. The flow has to move on. At present the man thinks that he is totally independent. Every animal thinks that it is independent. He does not understand the inter-dependency. Inter-dependency is the concept that is understood only by the man. The animals do not have the capacity. The moment we are established at the human level we will be also given information that we are interdependent. We are dependent on the Divine, the Divine is dependent on us.
There are two aspects which have to kept in mind here. Saswaroopa jnana occurs. Real nature of man is to feel the dependence of the man and also understand that the divine depends upon him to show its greatness, the manifestation, the beauty of manifestation, the
work of God is present in the world and the 135

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