Page 136 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 136

universe. All of us are the work of God and it is our duty to present ourselves in the best form. We cannot present a bad picture of ourself without giving a bad name to the creator. We may understand the importance of being perfect only when we know our nature is perfect and he is dependent upon us to show his greatness. If there is no world, if there are no men, then there is no question of anybody talking about the greatness of the God anywhere.
It is our duty as the expressions of divine to show that the divine is great in the respect in which he wants us to show. All of us are not given the same capacities. All of us not born in the same way. Each one of us is capable of perfection. We should move to our perfection and say this is our perfection. If we try to imitate other persons then we are trying to be other than ourselves and therefore we fail. We should express everything that is given to us by God, without any inhibition as an offering to the divine and then say I have expressed you in the best form that is possible. That is the goal. That is the way in which we have to move. For that suggestion is given by the trainer that this man is understanding the

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