Page 138 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 138

things. We do not accept tamasik life nor rajasik life. We move on to the satvik life. We try to be as pure as possible, as fresh purity as possible. We maintain so that the divinity is expressed. It is our duty to be rishis. We are squandering ourselves to the level of animals. We are degrading to that level. Every person here is a Rishi. That is the call. When Babuji says that all my people are saints this is what he meant. He had the courage to say that my people are saints. Have we the courage to say so is the question. And if you have got the courage then you say, yes I have known. I have known that I am dependant upon the divine. I have known that I cannot live in any other way than expressing his greatness all the time, in our action in our being, in our thought everything. Everything is his. We come naturally to the condition of what we call as stithapragnatva, handing over everything to him. You are not disturbed. Kartrutva, Jnatrutva, Bhoktrutva i.e. your knowing, your acting and your enjoying, if so long as we think it is ours, we will be in misery. But if we know that it is his, then we will be in bliss. Every act of ours is his. Every thought of ours is his. Every feeling of ours is his. When we accept

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