Page 15 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 15

cocoon. In other words only the white shell of the egg remained open to view while the reality within was lost to sight. Co-relationship began to spring up. Now one who was more closely attached to it, received more of it for his share. The heat which existed on the first day manifested itself in man, and gradually it went on developing assuming the form of organic growth. Every particle got affected thereby, absorbing its due share of it. A material tinge was thus introduced into it and it remained subject to the influence of that which it was part of. The bigger layer previously formed by the heat maintained its connection with it. Now the influence caused on the greater thing will naturally be reflected on the smaller thing, which will get affected thereby in proportion to its magnitude. All things being subject to external influences are affected by the rays of the sun in accordance with their capacity. The heat produced by external causes begins to exhaust itself after some time and the real comfort comes only when it gets completely exhausted. Take the case of the summer season. When the effect of the external heat which reduces after some time is thoroughly removed, some comfort or ease is definitely felt

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