Page 16 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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and experienced. Now the time when the external heat begins to subside, yielding place for the cooler effect to settle in, or the meeting point of the two is known as Sandhi-gati and this, in the opinion of the mahatmas, is the time best suited for the practice of Sandhya and Upasana (worship). This (sandya)is the time of the advent of that which is opposed to heat and it can be that alone which existed prior to the generation of heat at the time of creation and which is in close conformity with Nature, or in other words the very image of the ultimate state we have finally to arrive at. Thus the point we start from is the very point which corresponds closely with the Destination.
Importance is also given to Sandhya at the time of noon (Tam). But in that case the power is utilised in a different way. The sun's rays are quite direct at the time causing greater heat. Nature's eternal heat which proceeds from the origin is also attached with it. Thus indirectly we connect ourselves with the Ultimate Power through the medium of the material heat and secure closeness to it. This continues till the time when the heat begins to subside and we draw the fullest benefit thereof. Now the time that follows will enable us to have a taste of the

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