Page 17 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 17

condition which comes next, helping us to acquire still further closeness. The sages have therefore advised Sandhya at noontime too. The reason is that by continuous influence the sun's rays get connected with the plane wherefrom they have originated and which is next to the Ultimate. Since the rays of the sun are closest to the perpendicular at noon the effect brought about by them is more direct owing to the nearness. The heat which seems to be coming from the sun is in fact the heat of the particles. Thus if we meditate at noon our thought gets unconsciously attached with the Centre or the Ultimate. Putting it in a different way, I may say that in order to solve a problem we often assume the answer first. Similarly in order to solve the problem of life we assume the very real thing first, however hazy it may be to our view, because on arriving at the last phase the cognizance of the previous ones is often lost. In this way we utilize that excessive heat to our best advantage. But since the material heat at the time is also great we do not treat Sandhya at noon to be compulsory in our system. During the time that follows, the heat of the sun begins gradually to subside. In other words, we begin to advance towards

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