Page 184 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 184

why most of us in our Samstha also repeat the prayer but do not meditate on its meaning. If we really meditate on the meaning, tears shall roll down. We will feel how hopelessly bad, incapable, and miserably incompetent we are in this great task of trying to be one with Nature. We are incapable of even to be worthy disciples of the great Master. The problem is that we are pitted against ourselves in this grand task. It is easy to confront some enemy, to conquer Nature, perhaps. But when pitted against your ownself, you are aware of your utter humility, incapacity. "Kripanatva". It sinks deep in our heart. Then and then alone, the descent of the Divine starts. We empty ourselves from the heart and God enters there. Give room for God. Let there be vacuum first, feel constantly your helpless situation. Even Arjuna could come to that position only when a couple of impossible situations confronted him. Otherwise, he would not have sought God. Traditional Prayer is but a nityakarma. Can a yogi be satisfied with such a routine prayer when he wants to be with God? Definitely not. Prayer should be in that absolute supplicant mood inviting God into your heart.

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