Page 185 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 185

Regarding meditation on the heart supposing that there is Divine light. It is very simple. But many people who come to me say that they are unable to meditate. When they say they have been meditating. I ask "on what'? we find it easy to meditate on ourselves, our problems of day-to-day life, like daughter's marriage or child's education. Our mind is accustomed for this kind of "external meditation" or concentration. But when we try the simple method of supposing Divine light in the heart and begin to meditate on it, the mind starts wandering. The mind from the childhood is allowed to wander. It is oriented to the external world. We know so much how a biscuit is manufactured but we know very little what happens in the stomach. We close your eyes and try to locate the Divine Light in the heart, the heart which is the seat of life, of interaction between the bad and good, between the pure and impure blood, the small muscle, the functioning of which we just do not know. Saints all over the world said that it is in this heart that you can find God. The only problem is the external orientation of our mind. Had it been any other traditional system, the only answer would be, "Struggle", practice for years

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