Page 270 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 270

blessed by Lord Krishna, that he was asked by Sri Krishna to get out of the freedom movement, kindly note that he had the blessing of the Great Master. It was in the jail he had received the blessing of Lord Krishna who asks him to kindly leave the place and go somewhere else to do yoga assuring another person will come and lead the country into independence. Sri Aurobindo was also granted a boon that India will get independence on his birthday, the 15th of August, which we all cherish and are still striving to hold up.
Now let us revert to the promise of Sri Aurobindo namely the Divine life, for him the Life Divine is possible through the influx of the Supermind. Rev. Babuji radically modifies the method to achieve the same objective. We note that it is Pranahuti that we have to bring to the heart of the aspirant from the Center and assist the aspirant in his process of yielding to the Divine. This enables the Master to lead the aspirant from the Lower state of Mind or consciousness to the Upper level and gradually through various knots reach the D2 consciousness (located around the centre called Sahasrara). The power at that centre is also utilized for the purpose but beyond that is

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