Page 272 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 272

of a small defect. It may be a small defect, but I magnify it. I cannot help magnifying. That is the purity of the level of consciousness that Master has blessed me with that condemns me to such behavioural patterns. I call it a condemnation. The spiritual truth in the matter can be better understood if we study the book 'Truth Eternal'. Lalaji Maharaj says as a man advances, if he sees the smallest defect anywhere in this world he would consider that as a greatest obstacle to spirituality. Other people may kindly ignore such lapses or blemishes that appear trivial. But one on the Path would not ignore, because the perfection that we are asking, purity we are seeking does not permit it.
So if we talk about the methods these are the methods. If we talk about the methods from the ritualistic point of view of morning meditation, evening cleaning, night prayer and then say this is all about the methods, I would say it is very, very superficial. That may be the way of explaining the system in the beginning. But as we advance we should understand what are the methods and what are the attitudes required to perform sadhana meaningfully. I know many abhyasis who come exactly for

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