Page 273 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 273

prayer on dot at 8'o clock, some come at 7.50, some of course may say that their watches go slow. Some come at 8.15, some chose to come at 8.55 also though such an occurance is rare now a days. They do not understand that by coming late they are disturbing others. They have got from their point of view, the peculiar right to Divinity, superseding the interests of others for a similar claim. I have been exhorting people who want to meditate to get prepared and be in the state of mind to receive the blessing of the Master early, come to the place of prayer well in advance and sit quietly in meditative mood. We should yield to the Master, and allow the meaning of the prayer to sink into our heart. We are to meditate when we are asked to meditate. But some are eager to enter the portals of the Divine and would meditate in advance. We are to be in a meditative mood and not meditate in Satsang before the guide asks us to meditate. That is an expression of greed if we closely examine. We will not follow any of these. There are many excuses. A person who is not disciplined is least fit to be called a disciple. Methods are rigid. When we say rise before sunrise it has to be before sunrise. If we understand it as a

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