Page 271 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 271

not our domain. But abhyasis clamour about D3 consciousness or D4 consciousness and I don't find anything wrong about that. That is the greed in spirituality in expression. Greed is something that is a common disease in all planes of consciousness. The entire humanity suffers from that but we unfortunately restrict our understanding to issues confined to monetary grounds. It is there in spirituality also. Without first of all entering into the Over mind we tend to think in terms of super consciousness of the super mind and without owning the supra mental consciousness think of the Divine mind and without entering into the Divine mind and yielding to it totally and learning not to lift our head we are talking about the realms of Splendour of the Center or Base. As a person who has gone through all this I can say that every one of these levels of consciousness is a problem for us. If you ask me how much of the Over mind you have got, I would perhaps rate myself at the lowest because the more greater we advance, the dirt that we see in us even though nominal gets magnified as if it is a great blemish. That is why many feel that I over react to certain things and situations. The reason for that is magnification

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