Page 360 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 360

that they are gone. Even in Silence as we have observed above there are thoughts, not only that perceptions also are there. Behind the sense organs we have what are termed as tanmatras or sense organs of the astral plane. That we do smell, taste, hear, see and feel during dreams is well known. The sense organs as such are not active then but only the astral forms of the sense organs. These astral body organs do grant us perception in dreams and also in meditation. During the states of consciousness which may be termed as simple awareness where buddhi, manas and ahankar are all withdrawn and chit alone is, we do have perception. It abides without the sense organ. For example when the perception of sight exists and we are aware of a color or texture and we feel to be just merged in the simple "awareness or being" we find that sight existed and was still abiding without eyes to look through. This is the same with all senses, and the same with thought. The awareness we have is not thoughts about oneself but of pure being or Being. This is what we experience in Pranahuti Aided Meditation. Repeated exposures to this significant and simple awareness of being/Being should make us

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