Page 358 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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relating to the cessation of thoughts being the objective of yoga.
When we look into the vast Void of nothingness that is singularly characterized by Silence during our meditation and which seems to be always in the backdrop irrespective of the thoughts that we learn to feel as clouds and vapors and not necessarily as ideas and concepts, as we advance in the path into that Silence that is always present, we find no boundary between us and the Silence! Nor does it have a beginning or end.
It would be illuminating for those who have not tried so far, if they attempt to examine whether the thought of "I ness" is present during the moments when we feel totally merged in the Void. It is my experience that the Ego or "I ness "is totally absent and there is only simple awareness during that period. When I came out of such absorbed condition I was only having a feeling of flow towards the Atma chakra very steady and smooth and no other idea than that of totally being with the Master was present. The true nature of consciousness as an awareness of dependency is a matter of experience in PAM and the question of
whether the "consciousness" or "dependency" 358

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