Page 359 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 359

is the first condition gets answered deep in the core of heart as an inseparable unity.
What I have presented may appear to be very difficult to comprehend by some, but that is either due to their not having the states of absorbency (which is itself not rare under PAM) or not trying to get rid off their habits of thought. This is essentially due to the impurities of the mind of the mental and aspirational planes. More than anything else the problem is due to the habit of thinking that our true spiritual nature is Mind, a Cartesian fixation, which has permitted many to get dictated by the super boss Mind. We should remember as often as is necessary that our mind is our servant or slave and should serve us to solve our problems by analysis and synthesis. We are not obliged to obey what it says and in fact we do not where we give a over ruling based on a gut feeling or humane appreciation of the problem.
One more important factor that I would like to share is that many aspirants in PAM think they are not progressing because they are not only aware of thoughts which are based on habit as we discussed above but also that perception
continues to be present while all scriptures say 359

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