Page 412 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 412

mankind, stands reserved just for the human being, residing in the state of moderation in all respects. However, proper form of orientation and effort for that is difficult to be ones fortune. It is rightly stated: 'To be Real Man is hardly available even to human beings!'
That is no point for dejection; anyway, but Divine help happens to fall to the lot of human being of right sort of courage alone. As such, adopt the purpose of life and path of its realisation; and move on and on until the purpose be fulfilled, holding on to the promise that whoever moves one step towards it, the goal advances ten steps towards that one. The experience of all this is a matter of fact, but only for the one, who may have faith in that Divine assurance, and keeping stead fast to it may continue marching on. Amen! ―
After having quoted the Masters‘ summary of the system to add is the impertinence of the Mind. But the monkey has its own way. With divinity filled in our being we radiate His effulgence. When we radiate light and unconditional love, other people with good hearts are magnetically attracted to us to form the Satsangh. After all, like attracts like, even
in the physical world, so why not be 412

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