Page 61 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
P. 61

inversion. This consists in the peculiar process or inverting the arrangement during the passage from one place of experience or existence to another. *The left of an object becomes the right and the right becomes left at a different level.
In logic we speak of conversion as the process by which we make the subject of a proposition the predicate and the predicate the subject. But inversion proceeds further and in it we make the contradictory of the subject, the subject and the contradictory of the predicate, of the new proposition. Undoubtedly there is a change in the signs affirmative and negative in conformity with the principle of keeping up the meaning. There is, of course, as intermediate step in this process of arriving at the inversion, namely, the contrapositive. The idea, however, is that these are but ways of expressing the meaning of proposition in terms of subject and predicate and in terms of their negatives.
We are not concerned with this logical process, for we are not attempting to keep the meaning the same, rather we are attempting to reveal the inner dynamics of movement which leads to either the expression or passage of ascent or descent.

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